Vegan Diet

A vegan diet eschews animal products in all forms. This eating regime replaces meat with high-protein foods. Those who engage in a vegan lifestyle must read labels to ensure that the foods do not contain ingredients that were derived from animals. The best way for a vegan to avoid animal products is to prepare their own vegetarian recipes at home, and replace any eggs or dairy products with vegan alternatives.

Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

Today, following a vegan diet is not as difficult as it once was. Many companies sell vegan products with a label indicating that no animal products were used in manufacturing. These foods can play an integral role in preparing meals at home. The wide variety of foods clearly labeled as vegan, gives those who follow that lifestyle more options for their diets.

Some do not know the difference between a vegan diet and a vegetarians diet. Vegans are vegetarians, but vegetarians are not necessarily vegans. These diets both shun meat, but differ in other ways. Vegetarian recipes allow for the inclusion of eggs or dairy products, but vegan recipes do not. So a cheese sandwich would be a vegetarian food but not vegan. Vegetarian food without animal products fit neatly into a vegan diet, showing the overlap between the two eating regimes.

Those who follow a vegan diet tend to favor organic foods, but such foods are not necessarily vegan. Organic means that the food was grown without pesticides, but it can also mean that cows or chickens were fed organic food. Vegan and organic foods are both labeled on products in stores, making them easier to identify.

Cooking for a vegan lifestyle does not require being a chef. Slow cooker recipes take much of the effort off cooking vegetarian recipes that fit into a vegan diet. To adapt vegetarian slow cooker recipes for a vegan diet, substitute soy cheese or milk for the dairy products from animals. Other vegan-friendly soy products can replace meat in the recipe to create a dish that could fool a carnivore.

Following a vegan lifestyle does not require living off tofu and spending hours in the kitchen. New products for vegans and adapted slow cooker recipes can reduce the effort spent into preparing meals for a healthier lifestyle.

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