Organic Food

If struggling to understand the differences between natural and organic food, you are not alone. Many people have attempted to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides and food additives by turning to whole foods. While natural foods must be free of preservatives and chemical additives, they are not organically grown and produced. In fact, there is no strict regulation and no special certification for them like there is for organic food.

Organic Food

Organic Food

Modified foods like cornstarch, soy and sugar can easily find their way into natural products and product wrappings, but sticking to vegetarian food won’t help. Non-organic dairy products made from animals fed genetically modified grain contain significant amounts of whatever the animal ate. Plus with soy a vegan diet staple, the only safe choice is to switch to completely organic food.

Organic food is highly regulated. Seeds and plants must be grown and produced without chemical fertilizers, sewer sludge, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, solvents, chemical additives and irradiation. Unlike natural foods, organic seeds must be free of GMOs and fruits produced without chemical ripening. While the USDA organic seal is not mandatory, most producers place it on the label as it tells the consumer the product is truly organic.

Products that use some organic ingredients cannot use this seal. If the organic food you’re considering carries that seal, you can be confident it has met the strict regulations required for organic labeling. If it says “made with organic ingredients,” the product contains less than 70 percent organic ingredients. While product claims must be true, these products may contain toxic chemicals and GMOs.

In addition to health, another benefit of switching to organic food is taste. Your vegan and vegetarian recipes will take on a completely new flavor experience. Without chemical additives and other toxins, this earth-friendly lifestyle will greatly improve the taste of your meals. Most fine restaurants use organic produce for an extra flavor punch, and you can do the same thing. Whether you’re fixing a great gourmet delight or several slow cooker recipes, switching to organic food will be worth the effort in both health and delicious meals.

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